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7 Healthy Easy Lunch Ideas To Tone Your Abs

7 Healthy Easy Lunch Ideas

Quick and On-the-Go Lunch Ideas = Ab Success

For most of us, lunch is typically eaten while on the go, either at work or in the middle of a hectic schedule. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of unhealthy meals. After all, when you’re tight on time for lunch, it’s all about convenience.

The ideal lunch is one that’s both easy and healthy. With an eye for healthy choices, or a little prep work, you can totally set your self up for success and start toning those abs without pulling your hair out.

These lunch ideas aim to go for high protein, high fiber, and lots of veggies and the best part is that they are totally satisfying.

7 Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas

1. Turkey & Veggie Wrap – Wraps are definitely my go-to lunch when I’m on the go. The wraps make them low in carbs, so I can avoid carb-loading at lunch. And with the right ingredients, they can be totally healthy. They’re also easy to make yourself and bring to work. Buy some whole wheat wraps, grill up some turkey breast, then fill the wrap with your favorite veggies like arugula, peppers, onions, and some fresh herbs like cilantro or basil. Another great combo includes: spinach, apple, lentils, celery, avocado, hummus, and cucumber.

2. California Chicken Salad – Toss together some romaine lettuce, fresh baby spinach, avocado, and fresh berries, and you’ve got a healthy and energizing base for a salad. Top this with some chopped almonds, grilled chicken, and lemon-olive oil dressing or balsamic vinaigrette for a complete taste-bud explosion. For extra convenience on the go, use a small can of flavored tuna instead – it’s super convenient.

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