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Best Workout Supplements 2012

Best Workout Supplements 2012

Best Workout Supplements 2012

It’s a new year and there are some new workout supplements in town which are getting quite a lot of buzz for being highly effective in helping you stay motivated and get more results from your training.

You might have some reservations about supplements especially with the negative media frenzy on supplements made overseas (particularly Asia), but if you’re smart about it and do the research by looking at what others have reviewed heavily and found good results with then you can totally use them to your advantage.

I’m also going to break it down by goal for you so know exactly which phase of your training to use it for. Ready?

Best Workout Supplements 2012: Top 10 List

1. Name: Muscle Pharm Assault
Function: Pre Workout Energy Matrix.
Goal: Boost Motivation. Especially effective during leaning out phase, but can also be used during muscle gaining phase with a high carb intra-workout drink.
Main Ingredients: Beta Alanine (Nitric Oxide) and Creatine.
When to Use: 30 minutes before workout.
Review: Muscle Pharm Assault is the newest of all the pre workout energy drinks and is used by male & female fitness and strength athletes to help with blasting through a plateau and gaining lean muscle mass.
More info: Get more info on Muscle Pharm Assault.

2. Name: Optimum Opti-Men and Optimum Opti-Women
Function: Multi Vitamin specifically designed for men and women.
Goal: Boost Motivation. Provide essential vitamins and minerals particularly important for those training intensely or on a limited-diet.
Main Ingredients: Vitamins A,C,D,E,K, B6/12, magnesium, and much more.
When to Use: With meals.
Review: When it comes to a brand you can trust, Optimum is definitely one of the best as they have a very strict quality control system and over 10,000 reviewers have rated it 9.2/10.
More info: Get more info on Optimum Opti-Men & Optimum Opti-Women.

3. Name: Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion
Function: Provide essential amino acids to help repair and build muscle.
Goal: Reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.
Main Ingredients: High quality Whey Protein.
When to Use: Between meals as a ultra-healthy snack, up to 3 times per day.
Review: Still my favorite protein powder as the taste and creamy non-grainy texture is so good you can mix it with tons of ice and have it as a chocolate or vanilla ice-cream substitute. No sugar added, aspartame free and very low in carbs.
More info: Get more info on Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion.

4. Name: Scivation Xtend
Function: Recovery of muscle tissue and reduced muscle pain.
Goal: Anyone who is training intensely and has sore muscles will benefit.
Main Ingredients: Branch Chained Amino Acids.
When to Use: Immediately after workouts and even during workouts for those who are especially concerned about losing muscle mass.
Review: Xtend is without a doubt a tried and tested supplement which is great for helping you recover from your workouts quicker and should be taken by anyone training more often than 3 times a week.
More info: Get more info on Scivation Xtend.

5. Name: Now Ultra Omega-3
Function: Cardiovascular support, improved brain function and aids in lubrication of joints.
Goal: Anyone working out regularly and doesn’t eat fish on a regular basis.
Main Ingredients: Omega 3 fatty acids.
When to Use: Take with meals.
Review: There are a lot of Omega-3/fish oil supplements in the market and few are tested for be free of potentially harmful contaminants like mercury and heavy metals, but NOW Ultra Omega-3 has strict quality control standards and is reviewed extensively to be one of the highest quality and affordable Omega’s in the market.
More info: Get more info on NOW Ultra Omega-3.

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