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Diet to Lose Belly Fat

diet to lose belly fat

Diet to Lose Belly Fat

If you have pesky belly fat still getting in the way or are trying to shed those extra pounds around the waist and not having much luck you are definitely not alone.

Losing belly fat is by far the most challenging of all fitness and weight loss goals. No matter your fitness level, you’ve probably struggled to lose that annoying belly fat. I’ve been there myself!

But along the way, I’ve learned a number of easy diet solutions to help you lose belly fat. First, let’s look at some daily tips for losing belly fat. Then we’ll get to some specific meal ideas that will help you get on track and on your way to a thinner waistline!

Daily Tips to Lose Belly Fat

1. Cut out the refined sugar. Refined white sugar leads to spikes in your blood sugar level, slowing your metabolism and leading to cravings.

2. Avoid sodium. A diet high in salt leads to water retention, which is only going to make your belly fat look worse. Cut down on the salt, and you’ll shed some of that extra water weight.

3. Eat whole grains. If you’re trying to lose belly fat, you need to cut out white flour and refined carbohydrates, including white pasta, bread, and rice. I cannot stress this enough! Refined carbohydrates are stripped of their nutrients and slow your metabolism. Instead opt for quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain breads that don’t have sugar as one of the top 3 ingredients.

4. Eat more protein. Hopefully it should come to no surprise to you now that when it comes to cutting belly fat adding protein to your diet is key. Protein actually burns more calories during digestion, helping you burn more fat. Adding a tasty protein supplement to your diet can also help keep you feeling full and rev up your metabolism. Without a doubt my two favorite protein powders are: the milk chocolate flavour of Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion and the cookies & cream flavour of Combat Powder. If you want to look at other sources of protien including veggies check out this article – Best Protein Powders.

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