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Best Protein Bars

best protein bars

Best Protein Bars

There are a lot of protein and energy bars which claim to be “healthy” but unfortunately with some great marketing the ingredients and calories are disguised very cleverly and they lead to unneccessary weight gain rather than helping you fight the cravings.

Some of the most deceiving include cliff bars which are full of syrups and processed flours which are “organic” and therefore supposed to be better.

But before you pass on protein bars altogether, you should consider this list first! I’m about to review the top 5 protein bars currently on the market which aren’t extra high on the calorie list or if they are they are also full of protein so they will really help you feel full longer.

A high-protein diet is important for a number of reasons (read my article on Whey Protein Benefits), and protein bars can help you make sure you have adequate protein in your diet to help feed your muscles, keep your fat-burning metabolism at a high level! Let’s look at some of the other benefits quickly…

Protein takes longer to digest than carbs, which means it helps prevent sudden drops in blood glucose levels that lead to cravings and binges. When you digest protein, you also burn more calories during the actual digestion!

Protein is also critical for lean muscle growth and maintenance. Proteins contain essential amino acids that are the building blocks for your muscles. It’s estimated that you need about 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight to sustain lean muscle growth and those who want to pack on serious muscle go up to 2 grams per poud of body weight.

So you can see why protein bars can be so handy! In fact, they’re one of the best protein options while on the go. There aren’t too many snacks out there that can give you 15-30 grams of protein or more without being full of fat!

So here they are, the Best Protein Bars in the market right now. These ones are guaranteed to taste great and keep you feeling satisfied!

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