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Post Workout Recovery Supplements

post workout recovery supplements

Post Workout Recovery Supplements

Arguably the most important time to take supplements is post-workout when your uptake is at its highest rate and this is the time when your muscles gobble up amino acids, vitamins and other elements to help it recover and grow definition.

This is the third and final segment in my best workout supplements series and it will definitely pack a punch in giving you the results you desire the most.

Speaking of results, with post-recovery our goal should be to replenish all the stores of energy in our muscles and make sure we have given them enough nutrients so we don’t go too far into a catabolic state (catabolic is the time when our muscle is broken down and used for energy).

Post Workout Recovery Supplements

BCAA’s: If you were to take only one supplement post-workout then I would highly recommend BCAA’s (Branch Chained Amino Acids) as they are completely natural and are proven to speed recovery and prevent fatigue. If you think you have enough protein in your diet, BCAA’s are absorbed quite differently and much more rapidly so definitely take this in addition to your protein smoothies. Without a doubt the best in the market is Scivation Xtend and I have to say the watermelon flavour is extremely tasty, sometimes I just blend it up with lots of ice as it’s a yummy zero calorie drink. Another great alternative which is getting a lot of buzz is Muscle Pharm Recon.

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