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Muscle Building Protein: The Perfect Choice For You

muscle building protein

Muscle Building Protein: The Perfect Choice For You

We all know by now that protein is incredibly important for helping us with muscle growth and at the same time curbing our appetites and allowing our metabolism to burn through fat, but what is the best muscle building protein for you?

The value of the protein really comes into play by the amino acids they provide and what their ability is to be digested and absorbed by our system to lay down more muscle.

I’ll help you demystify protein sources so you can make an educated decision to choose one that is right for you.

Whey Protein

You have probably heard me praise whey protein the most and rightfully so. It is one of the easiest to digest and breaks down relatively quickly to provide amino acids straight to your muscles.

This means that when compared to other protein sources you won’t get the extra heavy feeling especially because most whey proteins do not have any added sugars or fats. With that said, some of the artificial sugars are indeed controversial and can lead to intestinal discomfort so if you have had concerns with some in the past make sure to try a different brand or variety of whey protein.

One of the powerful elements of whey protein is that it is high in branch chained amino acid Leucine which plays an important role int the muscle growth stage.

I found some very interesting research out of McMacster University which compared individuals having whey protein vs casein and soy proteins immediately after workouts to see the impact on muscle growth. Surprisingly whey protein was far more effective at boosting muscle synthesis following exercise by as much as 122 percent.

The best times to take whey protein is 60 minutes before your workout (aim for 30 grams), and immediately after your workout (within 30 minutes and you should aim for 30 grams again).

The highest rated whey proteins are:

  • Optimum 100% Natural Whey
  • Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion

Casein Protein

The main difference between Casein and whey protein is that Casein doesn’t get digested nearly as fast and instead is broken down gradually. This makes it highly popular for having as a pre-bedtime snack so that it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels (which means it most likely won’t be stored as fat).

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