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Fat Loss Meal Plan

fat loss meal plan

Fat Loss Meal Plan

Knowing what foods to eat when is one of your greatest weapon’s against fat loss, and if you don’t follow a smart plan you are setting yourself up for a very disheartening failure which can affect psychologically in many more ways then you give credit for.

That is why I thought I’d write a new article which goes over a fat loss meal plan that I know works because I’ve constructed it to help a friend lose close to 80 pounds over the past several months.

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you either, it’s going to take some serious will-power and dedication to lose the fat and keep it coming off but the key focus is going to be how happy you will be when you have succeeded and overcome all the pitfalls you will face.

Fat Loss Meal Plan & Exercise

Before we jump into meal plan, let’s set you up with a quick list to run through so you can win this battle and once and for all feel proud about the body you see reflected in the mirror. Ready?

  • Maintain at least a 3 days a week workout plan which includes some cardio activity on your off days (check out the workouts and training section of the site for ideas on different workout plans)
  • Add variety to your workouts every 6 weeks, even if it’s just switching the number of reps or order of your exercises
  • Clean out your kitchen of all the junk foods and especially anything that is includes processed white flour.
  • Get some high quality whey protein so anytime you feel an uncontrollable craving coming on you can make a quick smoothie to tide you over (I highly recommend Muscle Pharm Combat Powder for both men and women)
  • Make sure to drink at least 8 full glasses of water a day
  • Write the foods you eat in a food journal like the Fitlosophy Fitbook

Fat Loss Meal Plan

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