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Trade your unwanted Christmas present in for a Burger King


There’s a high chance you’re going to get at least one naff present for Christmas this year, but instead of awkwardly asking them if they kept the receipt, fast food giant Burger King will gladly take them off your hands in exchange for a free Whopper.

On 26 December, if you go down to the branch of Burger King in London’s Leicester Square, you’ll be able to hand over your unwanted presents (as long as it’s unused, so don’t be trying on any underwear and handing it over) in return for some delicious, artery-clogging goodness as part of their Whopper Exchange initiative. And if that wasn’t tasty enough, all your gifts will go to charity, so you don’t have to feel like a complete monster for giving up that ugly scarf your grandmother gave you only 24 hours before.

Don’t live in London? Don’t worry, you can still try your luck online, as Burger King’s social media team will be handing out special treats to the first 100 people to post a picture of themselves with the hashtag #WhopperExchange.

The Whopper Exchange will be valid between 10am-6pm on Boxing Day only, and staff will be able to turn away gifts at their own discretion…so don’t be bringing anything weird OK?

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