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How to Fold a Wrap Perfectly Every Time

A person fills a tortilla and wraps it.

If you’ve ever considered making a wrap for a healthy lunch, you’re not alone. There are wrap recipes aplenty, but the problem lies in the folding.

Thankfully, Talia Koren, author of Work Week Lunch and recipe developer, has tips that will have you folding a wrap perfectly every time.

Koren begins her video by laying out a 10-inch tortilla and adding a bit of hummus and kale. As she begins stacking over ingredients on top—like roasted sweet potato—she explains that you should always be sure to let your contents cool before adding them to the wrap. In doing so, you’ll prevent your wrap from warming and sagging.

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Next, she adds a layer of avocado and explains that you should avoid moist or wet ingredients like salsa if you can. However, if you do decide to use one, it should be added so that it’s in the center of the wrap. If it were to touch the tortilla, it could eventually soak through and tear.

Finally, Koren illustrates how exactly to wrap the, well, wrap. She recommends allowing your ingredients to take up a third of your tortilla. Once you’re done filling, fold in the sides. Then, grabbing from the bottom, begin to roll the tortilla forward. As you go, use your hands to hold the filling in place and tuck the tortilla underneath. In the end, you’ll have a perfectly folded and secure wrap.

If you’ve been wanting to switch from take-out to healthy, preprepared lunches, this wrap hack will help you do it.

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