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The 5 Top Fruits for Fat Loss

Now that we have discussed how fruits help tomaintain a healthy weight, we can focus on which fruits are the best for fat loss.

After all, some fruits have more sugar than others and other fruit products are so highly processed that they no longer resemble the fruit they once were.

Top Five Fruits

  1. Pears: The fiber content of pears is one of the highest–about 4 grams of fiber per medium pear. More fiber means the fruit is more filling and will keep your blood sugar more stable while ingesting the fruit sugar.
  2. Apples: Just like pears, apples are also very filling. You know what they say; an apple a day keeps the pounds away.
  3. Melons: These fruits have a very high water content making them very filling and low calorie. For example, you can eat a whole half of a cantaloupe and it is less than 100 calories!
  4. Cherries: This fruit has one of the lowest glycemic index ratings, meaning the sugars in the fruit are not rapidly absorbed. So, even though cherries taste sweet and delicious, they are a fruit that will keep your blood sugar fairly stable which is ideal for weight loss.
  5. Grapefruit: This one has a lot of myths surrounding its affect on fat loss. The truth is that grapefruit does not help speed up burning fat directly. However, it still happens to be a great fruit for weight loss since the sugars in grapefruit are not rapidly absorbed.

Fruit Products to Avoid

First of all, it is important to remember to avoid fruit juices even if it is 100% juice. Juice has a highly concentrated amount of sugar and is lacking the filling fiber content of whole fruit.

Secondly, avoid snacking on dried fruit. Half a cup of dried fruit is about 200 calories, but half a cup of fresh grapes is about 60 calories!

Finally, watch out for canned fruit packed in sugary syrups. Fruit can be a great food for fat loss by following a few simple suggestions.

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