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Healthy Bites


Want to fill your trolley without filling out? It is possible, says Amanda Khouv


Fiery fill

When hunger strikes, opt for Nairn’s Gluten Free Cracked Black Pepper Wholegrain Crackers with your favourite cheese, make coeliac-friendly finger foods or just tuck in for a tasty snack with just enough kick. The crunchy crackers are made using gluten-free oats.

£1.70, Asda and Waitrose


Tea for two

The Exotic Teapot’s new Discovery tea set comes in three vibrant colours to brighten up tea time. The hand-blown glass sets are quaint and delicate, with a stylish 600ml teapot (perfect for sharing) and two double-wall cups.

£42, exoticteapot.co.uk



Sip smart

If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself a bottle of TreeVitalise Birch Water. Available in original, mint or lemon, the organic and unsweetened drinks not only go down a treat but they’re also hydrating and detoxifying, and will give you a welcome energy boost in a flash.

£2.75, realfoods.co.uk


3 ways to satisfy your coconut craving

Coconut Merchant Coconut Jam

Sick of strawberry? Mix it up at snack time with this smooth sweet spread.

£5.99, coconut-merchant.com

2 Matcha Co Yo

Our favourite dairy-free yoghurt alternative now comes in an energising new flavour.

£1.99, Ocado

3 Bouoli Coconut Oil

Switching up your cooking oil for this version will offer a health boost.

 £11.99, bouoli.com


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