Does anyone else track their sleep with a sleep app? I recently downloaded “Sleep Cycle” on my iPhone and I’m obsessed with it slash I suck at sleeping. My travel schedule has got my body all out of whack and it’s definitely taking a toll on my sleeping. I am definitely an 8+ hour kind of girl. Like, if I don’t get enough sleep watch the eff out people!

So this app. You flip a switch right before you go to bed and set your phone on your nightstand and it tells you in the morning how good your sleep was that night. 100% means you basically died in your sleep and 1% means you had the shittiest night of sleep EVER. For me anything above a 75% is a win. It takes into consideration how many times you woke up, how deep your sleep was, how long you slept etc. One of the coolest features is that you can track trends based on categories that you create such as: workouted out, drank coffee, traveled, took Nyquil, etc. Basically it allows you to figure out how you get the best sleep so that you can replicate it every night.

Someone please tell me they downloaded this app and are as obsessed with it as I am.


ANYSCHWAYS. You guys know I have a deep love for all things oatmeal. So what did I do? I tracked my sleep based on if I ate oatmeal or not.

Just kidding…that’s really effing weird…but I know if I did…it would tell me that I GOT THE BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP OF MY LYFE. I bet I’d get an off the charts 200% if I ate this strawberries and cream oatmeal and then tracked my sleep. 

Guys, this is super simple to make and I guarantee you have most of these ingredients in your kitchen!

  • rolled oats
  • almond milk
  • banana
  • strawberries
  • chia seeds
  • vanilla extract
  • maple syrup


Just look how pretty these oats are!

I can’t get over how chia seeds make things expand so much! The more the merrier…who’s with me!?




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