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Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast with Banana

The toast stakes are high these days.

When I’m craving a quick, healthful breakfast, or just need an afternoon snack, this is a go-to. Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast, topped with thin banana coins.

Sometimes I make it on thin, toasted slices of my favorite whole grain bread. And sometimes, I make it on rice cakes, which I also tend to keep on hand. The rice cake version is what you see pictured here.

The best part? It’s the frosting. Which isn’t really frosting. It’s almond butter, yogurt, and cacao powder whipped together into a billowy spread. You can add a bit of sweetener if you like. Or enjoy it unsweetened.

The sky is the limit when it comes to toppings. I like banana, banana chips, a dusting of cacao, hemp seeds, and something feisty. The kick of a pinch of cayenne is nice along with the chocolate and bananas.

You can use your favorite yogurt here. But have a look at the headnotes in the recipe below. The consistency of your chosen yogurt impacts the texture of your “frosting.”

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