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Pomegranates: Healthiest Holiday Fruit!

This holiday month reminds me of the pomegranate, which has a beautiful red-pink color and is in season during the winter months if you live in the northern hemisphere.

They can be hard to seed and prepare, but are worth it due to the numerous antioxidants they deliver.

What Makes the Pomegranate Special


“Antioxidant” is a broad term to describe alltypes of phytochemicals. There is not just one type of antioxidant that exists. There are thousands of different types! Pomegranates may have the highest variety of antioxidants. This means that by eating this one fruit, you will not just consume one type of antioxidant, but dozens.

The rind of the pomegranate is also being researched for its possible medicinal properties. Experts speculate that theellagitannin antioxidant may be effective against Staph infections, and other antibiotic-resistant infections. Pomegranate ellagitannins demonstrate strong antiviral activity.

How Do the Antioxidants Compare


When the pomegranate first became popular, they were said to contain the highest antioxidant level. This is not completely true. The pomegranate likely has more antioxidants thangreen tea and red wine.

However, blueberries are about equal, if not higher in antioxidants! And theacai berry may be the winner of the highest level of antioxidants. Some experts say the acai may have up to 20 times more antioxidant capacity.

5 Pomegranate Health Benefits

  1. Lower cholesterol: May decrease atherosclerosis and plaques.
  2. Lower blood pressure: May slow the enzyme that creates high blood pressure
  3. Antiviral
  4. Antibacterial: May help reduce common cold symptoms, flu symptoms, and prevent dental plaques
  5. Reduced prostate cancer risk 

There are long lists of other possible health benefits, but these five seem to show the most promise. If anything, the main point to remember is that pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods available, but that all fruits and vegetables must be eaten in balance to see optimal health results. 


We can’t eat chips and cake, but then have a snack of pomegranate and expect to be healthy!

Pomegranate can be used as a salad topping, a dessert ingredient, an oatmeal topping, or as a garnish to a side dish. Why not include this potent antioxidant fruit in your next holiday meal?

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