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Healthy way of life in older people

In other many occasions talked about the benefits of exercise in that it is effective for preventing and treating many diseases have a great power to gauge help older people maintain a good level of health. The exercise in older people is good for maintaining physical and capabilities mental, being healthy way of life for good measure to maintain quality of life of older people, something we also speak the results of the study to which we reference. The study has been published online in the journal The Lancet right of entry to theoretical the original here.


For the study, conducted in Finland, he had 1260 subjects 60-77 years of age classified as at risk for dementia and risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a standardized test. Participants were randomly assigned to the intervention group (631 participants) or control group (629 subjects). People on the intervention group performed at the level of your diet, exercise, cognitive training and monitoring of vascular risk, while the control group received general health advice.

At two years, the interference group scored significantly higher scores on tests of mental function, compared with the control group, highlighting the intervention group in tests of mental processing and functions related to the organization and implementation of activities, because in these test scores were vastly superior to the control group.

The researchers themselves point out limits in this study, including the fact that we must always remember, is that correlation does not imply causation, so say they will continue their research to find more information on factors that serve to prevent and treat mental deterioration by several factors controlled through healthy lifestyle.

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