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Fat burning foods


Feeling hungry? There are plenty of foods you can eat that won’t pile on the pounds

Exercising and getting good amounts of sleep are great shortcuts to weightloss and living a healthy lifestyle. Though certain foods can also aid in the process, they work by speeding up your metabolism and giving your body all the nutritious benefits it needs. The super foods below are ones to add in your diet and are sure to give you that extra push in your fitness goals.

Fruit and veg

Fruit and vegetables are unlimited and great sources of vitamins and potassium, it can prevent any digestion problems and help maintain a healthy gut. Fruit and vegetables are also low energy foods, so you can plenty of it without consuming too many calories, as they are also high in water.(When it comes to vegetables such as white potatoes, which have a high content in starch, don’t fill up too much on these – swap for them for antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes or legumes such as kidney beans, lentils… for healthy good carbs).


Popcorn is easy to make and they can make a healthy snack as they provide whole grains,fibre and antioxidants. Just place the corn in a saucepan, close the lid, turn up the heat and wait for them to start popping! If you want a bit a flavour sprinkle some xylitol (for sweetness) or salt or both!

Brown rice

Brown rice is whole grain and is has a low glycemic rating, it’s packed with nutrients such as fibre and selenium and will fill you up for a longer period of time too. It’ll help lower cholesteral, high blood pressure and or other signs of cardiovascular disease- you can eat as much as you like.


Pulses and beans keep you fuller for longer and maintain your energy levels (as well as being a great source of nutrients and fibre). They make a great choices for vegetarian and vegans. Pop them into homemade soups, add to casseroles, or add to canned tomatoes, onions and herbs for a hearty (wholemeal) pasta sauce.

Sugar alternatives

Fancy something sweet?  If you are a bit of a baker, make cakes or cupcakes or even like your tea sweet, replace the sugar with xylitol, agave nectar or even honey. For carbohrydrates and fats, use wholemeal resources, (wholemeal bread, wholemeal self-raising flour, brown rice) and use low-fat butters/margarine.


Avoid butter icing. Warm cakes, especially spicy versions, are lovely with a dollop of 0 per cent fat Greek yoghurt. Grate an apple and add some seed mix.  This is very nutritious and fills you up, and gives you a sweet hit when you need it.

Get spicy

Chilli has a thermogenic effect on the body, meaning that when it’s consumed it actually stimulates the body’s own process of burning fat. Although it’s not enough to help you drop a dress size, adding a bit of spice to your food could rev up your metabolism enough to burn a few extra cals each day.

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