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Top 5 Android Features the iPhone Needs Right Now

iOS 14 iPhone and AirPods Concept Credit: EverythingApplePro

That being said, Apple seems to remain on the fence regarding new ways to customize your iPhone. That’s something Android phones have always had, and iPhone users would like.

But apparently, that’s going to change with the release of iOS 14. A new leak shows Apple is working on new features for the iPhone’s home screen, including the possibility of using widgets.

There’s always room for improvements, and new features like these are always welcome. Even if you’re not an Android fan, we can all agree there are some features from the Android operating system we’d like to have on iOS.

Apple’s iOS 13 was one of the best updates we’ve received, and there’s no doubt that having widgets on your iPhone is one step toward the right direction, but there are many more Android features Apple should use on their own iPhones. Continue reading to browse the five best Android features we’d love to have on our iPhones.

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