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Turn A Small Space Into A Stress-Free Sanctuary

Home is where the heart is, but your mind needs its own calming space.

Scheduling some time to unwind is crucial to your happiness levels. But if your household is a busy one, it can be extra hard to find time for yourself. The antidote? Create a sacred spot of your own, designed to perk up your mood.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to create a peaceful place that’s sure to leave you in a better headspace:

Paint the walls blue.

Now this is eye candy. Color psychology research suggests that the color blue can have a calming effect and ease stress. Transform your surroundings with a shade that instantly prompts you to relax. Here are a few blue room ideas for inspiration.

Surround yourself with happy memories.

Here’s a good reason to print out some old photos and hang them up. Research shows nostalgia may make you more cheerful and more optimistic. Take a trip down memory lane as you unwind and you’ll leave the room happier than you started.

Make it a silent zone.

Human beings are really bad at having idle time; one study found that some people would even prefer to be electrically shocked over being alone with their own thoughts. But here’s some advice: Don’t underestimate the power of quiet. A little silence can improve your focus, boost your creativity and even be a little therapeutic. It’s worth it, promise.

Include lavender candles.

Your olfactory response is tied to the emotional center of your brain, so less stress may be just a sniff away. Lavender can have a relaxing effect, and studies show the fragrance can even help you sleep. But if that scent isn’t really your style, there are multiple other aromas that can positively impact your well-being.

Eliminate distractions.

The whole point of creating a relaxing space is to free yourself from life’s endless push notifications. Make the place you go to calm down a tech-free zone. Turn off your phone, ban screens or do whatever you need to unplug. Research shows unplugging can improve your mental wellness.

A calming, tech-free, happier space that truly provokes you to unwind? Mission accomplished.

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