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How to Get Glowing Skin and Glossy Hair This Winter, According to Beauty Pros

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Looking to up your beauty game this winter? Although cold, dry temps can take a serious toll on your skin and hair, a few smart beauty strategies can make a big difference. Here, experts share their best tips for achieving shiny hair, dewy skin, and super-flattering eye makeup.

To score shiny, healthy hair

Your strands put up with a lot—everything from cold weather to hot tools leaves them limp—but changing your cleansing routine can make all the difference. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to “remove the built-up dirt and product that weigh hair down and cause it to lie flat,” says Nunzio Saviano, owner of an eponymous salon in New York City. Amplify shine with an at-home conditioning treatment. “Once a week, coat hair from midshaft to ends; rinse after 15 minutes for bouncier, frizz-free hair,” says Saviano. While you’re at it, give your scalp a massage. “Using the pads of your fingers, apply light or firm pressure for a few minutes,” instructs Younghee Kim, owner of Younghee Salon in New York City. In addition to feeling really good, this ritual can boost fullness, according to a recent study from Japan published in the journal ePlasty, which found that daily scalp massage increased hair thickness.

To look fresh-faced

Get a luminous yet polished complexion with fewer products. Before foundation, use a hot compress. “I do this with almost every celebrity client,” shares José Rivera, Benefit Cosmetics’ makeup master. Microwave a damp hand towel for 15 to 20 seconds, then (first making sure it’s not too hot) press it against your face until the towel cools. The result? Softer skin with a healthy flush. Next, fake a sun-kissed glow. “Mix a few drops of liquid bronzer into your moisturizer and apply all over,” says Rivera. Finally, add blush using the “pinwheel” method, he instructs: Dab the most concentrated amount of pigment on top of your cheekbones, then swirl downward in widening circles to cover the entire cheek, leaving the color more diffused below. This gives your face a sculpted, almost lifted appearance—plus a flattering pop of color.a

To open up your eyes

Want to look wide awake? Tend to your brows, which are “like picture frames for your eyes,” says Rivera. To get this season’s fuller arches, backcomb with a fiber gel formula; brush the hairs toward the bridge of your nose several times before brushing them back in the other direction. To further enhance your eyes, try contouring. You’ll need a light, shimmery neutral and a darker, matte neutral. Use the lighter formula as a base to brighten eyes, then work the darker one into the crease to add dimension and make eyes appear deeper-set, says Rivera. Finish by “topcoating” with mascara: Instead of applying it on the underside of lashes as usual, saturate the top, spinning the wand as you move from roots to tips. Then swipe the underside with the near-empty wand to remove clumps. Upshot: mega volume and unbelievable length.

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