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Cheat days work for weight loss

Cheaters may never win. But they might lose weight, as long as the cheating is planned and occasional, according to a new study. Researchers examined 60 students in a simulated diet environment and 30 people dieting in real life. They ...

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Can a messy home worsen your diet?

Stress eating is a common problem, especially among women. When faced with daily hassles or professional stress, research has shown women eat more sweets and high-fat foods. Now, a recent study suggests a chaotic physical environment may play a role as well. Researchers from Johns ...

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What does your sweat say about you?

Sweat does a lot more than make a person smelly; it can convey happiness, according to one study. The research, published in Psychological Science, concluded that emotions can be shared with others through a person’s sweat. Researchers from the Netherlands had men provide a sweat ...

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