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What is Your Personal Breast Cancer Risk?

About 1 in 8 American women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. But that number starts to change when you begin looking at the specific factors in any individual woman’s life and family history. What factors influence a woman’s ...

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Coffee Dropped from List of Carcinogens

Top off your cups, coffee lovers! The World Health Organization has recently revised their classification of coffee as a possible carcinogen. Coffee was originally added to the list of culprits in 1991, at that point there appeared to be a ...

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How to Avoid Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer survival rates indicate that most who are diagnosed with the disease will die with it rather than from it. Still, prevention is the goal; here, we offer tips on how to avoid prostate cancer. Scientists don’t know exactly what ...

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Say NO To A Diet High In Fat

In a recent study led by Jorge Chavarro, of the Harvard School of Public Health has suggested that men with prostate cancer who engage in a diet which is high in fat are at a significantly much higher risk of ...

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