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Why Weights Are Better Than Cardio for Fat Loss

Have you heard that one joke where some fitness professionals insist that running makes you fat? In a world where diets sell you on the idea of eating cookies to lose weight, it’s hard to believe that exercise professionals could consider any activity or ...

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The Cardio Fat Loss Plan

Start a conversation about cardio, and you might as well be talking politics and religion. After all, no matter what you say, someone will be pissed off and likely challenge your every thought. On one end of the spectrum, you ...

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Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Plan

Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Plan It’s time for a whole new perspective and you now have the opportunity to do things right. When it comes to health and fitness, you may still be looking for a fat loss diet plan ...

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6 Weeks to Your Perfect Body

6 Weeks to Your Perfect Body Your perfect body may be closer than you think! All you need is a plan, some time, and a little motivation, and you could be on your way to a perfect body in just ...

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Circuit Training for Weight Loss

Circuit Training for Weight Loss Still not seeing the weight loss results you want? Want to take things to the max? Of all the weight loss workouts I’ve offered, circuit training will get you seeing results the fastest (combined with ...

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Invite some vegetables to lunch!

Vegetables are much more than just a side dish, these delicious recipes will bring variety to your average packed lunch JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE FARRO AND HAZELNUT SALAD Serves 4, Prep: 15 minutes, Cook: 40 minutes 200g farro 500g Jerusalem artichokes, scrubbed ...

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