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How to stay full while on a diet

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy diet, and supplying your body with the right nutrients becomes even more important when you have a weight loss goal in mind. “When trying to lose weight, you should focus on ...

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Dormant Butt Syndrome behind muscle pain

A sleepy rear end could be the cause of aches and pains in your knees, hips and back. Recent news articles have been calling attention to Dormant Butt Syndrome, a silly-sounding, but very real condition that can occur as a ...

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How to burn more calories while walking

You may be burning more calories than you think, according to a recent study that found a varying walking pace can burn more calories often not accounted for in traditional measurements. According to researchers at the Ohio State University, changing up one’s pace can burn ...

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Is binge

While binge-watching isn’t a new phenomenon, it has become the norm for many individuals with the ease of online streaming. But as more people are subscribing to Netflix, HBO GO and Hulu, more research is also being conducted to examine the ...

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Matters of life and death

Fitness is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but a new study sheds some light on how crucial it really is to get moving every day. The long-term study followed nearly 800 men who took part in ...

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Your choice of drink may be hurting you

With temperatures reaching the 90s this past Saturday and summer almost underway, both adults and children should be mindful of heat-related illnesses. Being outside for too long without the appropriate amount of fluids could result in dehydration. According to the Mayo ...

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