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Coffee Dropped from List of Carcinogens

Top off your cups, coffee lovers! The World Health Organization has recently revised their classification of coffee as a possible carcinogen. Coffee was originally added to the list of culprits in 1991, at that point there appeared to be a ...

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Are you a coffee addict like me? Follow my tutorial on how to make the PERFECT cup of coffee using a pour over, freshly ground beans, and filtered water!  Today I am excited to partner with PUR to bring you the ultimate tutorial on ...

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Is Coffee Bad for You?

Is Coffee Bad for You? If you’ve watched the news at all in the last 10 years, then you know how mixed the message on coffee has been. One study claims coffee is bad for you, while another claims it’s ...

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Cheers to the Morning

Is anyone else so stoked that it’s March? It’s that first little hint of spring -ok, so in San Diego we have two seasons, but I’m not complaining- and I love all of the things there are to look forward ...

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The health benefits of coffee

Thinking of giving up caffeine this new year? Don’t be too hasty – coffee offers more health benefits than you may think Coffee often gets bad press, which – in some cases – is for good reason, especially if you’re drinking ...

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For a beverage whose devotees are called junkies, coffee has managed to earn a reputation as a veritable health food: In recent years, studies have found that coffee can do everything from boost your mood and sharpen your brain to ...

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