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The 7 Deadly Truths about Sugar

The Low-Down on Your Diet’s Worst Offender Don’t you love it when a documentary like Fed Up comes out and gets you to see things with a whole new perspective? Sugar is indeed getting a bad rap lately, and I think it’s all ...

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Here’s What You’re Missing in this Little Superfood If you’re like me you’re not always one to jump on fad supplements and diet plans. In the end, I find the best results come from a natural, whole foods approach and hopefully ...

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How to Stop Post Workout Overeating

Food Sabotage It happens to the best of us. We finish a killer workout and all we want to do is eat. Refueling your body after intense physical exercise is one thing, but overeating is another. So why does it ...

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The Worst Things to Eat at Night

10 Foods to Avoid Before Bed Whether or not you should eat before bed has been a dieting debate for years. So what’s the truth about evening meals and snacks? And what should you avoid? First off, we need to ...

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How to Ace Clean Eating with Real Foods

Make Real Choices for a Healthy Diet I’m sure all your friends are talking a lot about the importance of clean eating, but there’s so much mis-information out there it feels like the rules change every day. So I thought it ...

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