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20-Minute Marinara Sauce

Jump to Recipe This homemade vegan marinara sauce comes together in only 20 minutes, but it’s bursting with flavor. It will become your go-to for pasta suppers, lasagna, pasta bakes, stuffed shells, and more. Plus, it’s freezer friendly, so you ...

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4-Ingredient Vegan Sour Cream

Jump to Recipe This 4-ingredient vegan sour cream recipe will become your go-to for baked potatoes, chili, nachos, pasta salad, and more. It’s a homemade, plant-based staple that’s as easy to make as it is useful!

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Vegan Yellow Cheese Sauce

Jump to Recipe This vegan yellow cheese sauce has a melty texture and is so versatile. Use it over nachos, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, or casseroles. It also makes a perfect vegan grilled cheese sandwich!

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Orange Juice Simmered Berries

Orange Juice Simmered Berries Nutrition 100% orange juice has been supporting my immune system with nutrients like vitamin C, beneficial flavonoids and carotenoids (plant compounds that play a role in fighting inflammation), and hydrating electrolytes, like potassium and magnesium. Florida ...

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Miso Tahini Vegetable Sandwich

My version of this refreshing-yet-hearty sandwich isn’t quite as good as Peacefood’s—which is usually how it goes when I try to re-create a beloved restaurant dish at home—but it’s still really good. The spread is irresistable, and I’ve been making ...

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Vegan Pantry Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

This vegan tomato soup and grilled cheese comes straight from the pantry, with a little help from the fridge. The bread is my classic white sandwich bread, since I made a fresh loaf yesterday. The soup is homemade and very ...

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