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Why your walking pace matters

Walking is a popular way to exercise, as it requires no equipment or skills and is low impact. But, new research shows that people should pick up their walking pace if they want to reap the most health benefits. A recent ...

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Eating certain foods may prevent muscle loss in aging

Recent research suggests eating green tomatoes and apples may be key in avoiding muscle atrophy as people age. University of Iowa scientists discovered the first example of a protein that causes muscle loss during aging. They also discovered two natural compounds, one found ...

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Which U.S. cities are the fittest?

A low number of smokers, declining death rate for cardiovascular disease and more farmers’ markets per capita are among the factors that helped Washington D.C. become the fittest city in the U.S., according to the recently published American Fitness Index. ...

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How to burn more calories while walking

You may be burning more calories than you think, according to a recent study that found a varying walking pace can burn more calories often not accounted for in traditional measurements. According to researchers at the Ohio State University, changing up one’s pace can burn ...

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Is Pokémon Go good for your health?

This weekend in Homewood, Ill, a group of strangers started to gather around a park fountain. All were looking intently at their phones, and when they looked up, were startled to see a small crowd slowly growing around them. It ...

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