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Here Are 2 Major Weight Loss Secrets They Are Trying to Hide From Us – Nature Health And Beauty

It is much less spoken about the contents of what leaves our bodies, while most of the people often write and talk about what is ideal to put inside our bodies. More body weight that can be shed is related with excess waste in the body. Extra waste that has found its home in the colon is the biggest reason of excess weight in the body. If your body is rid of this waste, weight loss can come without any effort. The digestive system should be on top of its game.


Regularly detox and cleanse your body is the first trick to get rid of the excess pounds. You can remove the old toxic waste by giving your digestive system time to rest. There are 2 possible ways to perform this. You can simply opt for one day per week to consume only vegetables and fruits. Or you can opt for a 2 weeks cleanse.

Your digestive system doesn’t need to work overtime because it sees these as real foods. Your system will be left with less stress if you consume whole foods, single ingredients that your body can process and use to benefit its function.

The consumption of correct food combination, keep your digestive system running smoothly and calm it, is the second way. It is very easy to learn and start adapting into your everyday lifestyle, while this might seem complicated.

We have always learned the importance of balanced meal with protein, vegetable and starch, so poor food combining may seem complex.

Your digestive system needs a lot of time in order to break down each food group and then absorb the nutrients. Little waste is leaved by the foods that are easy to digest. The other results will come shortly once you are able to remove waste constantly. This actually includes reduced inflammation, fewer headaches, and less cellulite. You will also decrease constipation, acids reflux, bloating and gas.

The chart bellow will present you the 5 basic food combinations:


1.Vegetables can be combined easily with most foods. They are clean foods and they are great with other single ingredient.

2.You can opt for one other food, such as chicken or nuts to go with your veggies.

3.You should consume one category of protein for every meal. It means that you do not have to combine either fish or chicken.

4.Consume either a starch or protein at every meal, but do not combine them together.

5.You should consume the fresh fruits on an empty stomach (alone), or you can consume them with leafy greens.

The crucial thing here is not to not combine starch with animal protein or grain in the same meal. It is important to just to follow the rules, while there are a lot of gray areas in this process.

By following these food combinations, you will get rid of the excess pounds, energize your body and improve your ovevrall health.

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