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4-Ingredient Vegan Sour Cream

Jump to Recipe This 4-ingredient vegan sour cream recipe will become your go-to for baked potatoes, chili, nachos, pasta salad, and more. It’s a homemade, plant-based staple that’s as easy to make as it is useful!

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Is the 5G Revolution Really Here?

For several years now, 5G has been touted as the next revolutionary technology. Recently, we’ve seen it rolled out on a large scale across the globe. The hype around the fifth generation of wireless technology was immense, but what about ...

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Tofu Whipped Cream

Jump to Recipe This vegan tofu whipped cream is made with silken tofu, cashews, and maple syrup. It’s a dairy-free, whole foods spin on whipped cream that’s rich in healthful fats and protein. Plus, it’s versatile and easy to make! ...

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