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10 Compelling reasons to steer clear of gluten

Often found in wheat, rye, barley and a variety of other related grain products, gluten is a collective term for a variety of proteins, specifically prolamins. Since these gluten proteins are highly elastic, grains that contain gluten are very suitable ...

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Honey: An amazing superfood with many health benefits

Honey is an amazing superfood that is full of nutrients and antioxidants. It also has antibacterial properties, making it a great addition to your prepper medicine cabinet or survival food stockpile. Here’s why you should start stocking up on honey before ...

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Spirulina protects against COVID death, study finds

A new randomized controlled trial published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology reveals that spirulina, a nutrient-dense blue-green algae, is powerfully effective against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). For six days, patients who tested positive for COVID took either spirulina and ...

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