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Vegan Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

I’m not attempting to share a definitive tsoureki here by any means; that would be impossible, since it’s a bread that probably varies from family recipe box to recipe box. I’m sharing the tsoureki that’s most like the one I ...

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Moroccan Sweet Potatoes

Photograph ©️ Ashley McLaughlin photography. Holiday lesson #1: Things (often) don’t go to plan. I watch a lot of reruns of The Great British Baking Show, and in many episodes there’s a moment when a baker presents something that’s falling ...

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Vegan Dark Chocolate Granola Bark

The star of the recipe is the Sprouted Oat Quinoa Cacao Granola from One Degree Organics, a brand that I’ve come to love for its transparency and high quality cereals, oats, flours, and granolas. It’s the perfect breakfast treat: nutty ...

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Easy No Bake Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie

The pie requires some time, but very little effort. The crust is a simple, press-in chocolate graham cracker crust, which you could replace with a store-bought vegan graham cracker crust if you like (a few brands are vegan, including the ...

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Wholesome Vegan Pumpkin Oat Scones

These pumpkin scones are more the former, though they’ve still got some moisture in the center and a nice, mild sweetness that makes them appropriate for either breakfast or as an afternoon treat. One of the things I love about ...

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