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Yoga Is Not Boring!

350x233xYOGAPrasara Yoga is a new, exciting type of yoga that focuses on the “flow” rather than the poses themselves, and can improve performance in every aspect of your life.

It would be incredibly difficult to find someone these days who does not know what yoga is. In this generation of physical awareness, yoga is on the rise. You can find hoards of mothers carrying their yoga mats to their minivans on Saturday morning, or young hipsters heading to their nearest yoga studio in the city, and with good reason. Yoga is relaxing; it increases flexibility and mobility, and has a long list of other health benefits. In fact, yoga basically correlates to any good marker of health. The only problem is, many people find it boring.

How? You ask. How in the world could someone find something that’s so good for you boring? Yoga consists of holding certain poses for a decent amount of time. Yoga takes a lot of patience and is fairly linear, and many people do not have the patience for it. However, don’t give up on yoga just yet! Prasara Yoga is a new type of yoga that has been developed to keep you engaged at every second. Prasara Yoga is dynamic, it focuses on “the flow”, the transitions between the poses, rather than the individual poses themselves. The ultimate goal of Prasara Yoga is to be able to go on between the positions without even thinking about it.

There are many benefits to Prasara Yoga:

  • It will help you restore self-confidence as you master difficult movements
  • It challenges your nervous system for increased efficiency with your movements
  • It boosts both mobility and power
  • It will help you play any sport with more balance and awareness
  • It neutralizes the pain of stiff joints and tight muscles
  • It will help you develop true muscle, without the bulk
  • You can practice it anywhere, and anytime, with no equipment

As it is a new type of yoga, you can’t find studios that offer this type of yoga with ease. Seeing as everyone has different “flows” and progress at their own paces, this is a type of yoga that is best practiced alone. If you’re interested in trying Prasara Yoga, you can learn everything you need to know about it with the Prasara Primer course, a comprehensive course with everything you need to know about practicing Prasara Yoga.

When enrolling in the course, you receive the Prasara Primer program manual, 19 demonstration videos, 48 movement breakdown videos, a training implementation guide, specific break down guides for each routine, listen-along audio guides, and free program updates for life. The program started in 2006, and since then has been updated several times as easier ways to teach the material have been developed. The newest version, 2.1, is completely user friendly, easy to understand, and easy to practice.

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