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10 Things In Life Which Should Be Handled Stress-free

It is not uncommon to feel like your life is stuck in gear. Like you are accelerating with the pedal to the metal yet not moving an inch; like you are all geared up and ready to go, but have no way to get to where you are heading, or want to go. These feelings are generally the result of stress, which when piled up can become a major hindrance in progressing in life.

Some things in life are stressful – there is no way to avoid that. Yet, some tend to become stressful, but do not necessarily have to be, or rather shouldn’t be. Life is too short and filled with far too many possibilities to waste precious time worrying.

Here is a small compilation of 10 things in life that you should not waste your time stressing over.

Stressor 1: Money

This common stressor falls hand in hand with stressor number one: bills. For without money you cannot pay your bills and then you are doubly stressed. However, it is important to remember that though, yes, money is important; it does not rule the world. Nearly everyone in society lives in debt, you are not alone. Not only that, but the majority of civilians wish that they had more money than they actually do. Some will go to great lengths, legal or not, to pursue cash. Some will spend their entire lives obsessing over it. There are plenty of ways to make money and increase your cash flow, yet if you are not satisfied with the means by which you are getting money than it does not matter how much money you have – you will continue to be stressed and resentful toward the matter. That being said, this old adage comes to mind, “Love what you do and you will never have to work a single day of your life.”

Stressor 2: The Past

The past is the past. It is not the present, nor is it the future – it can therefore not be changed or amended and thus there is absolutely no reason to stress over it. What’s done is done.

Many of humanity’s most violent wars were fought due to conflicting views on things that happened in the past. The past is important to use as a learning mechanism; it should never get in the way though of new lessons. Instead of letting the past burden you, learn from it and move forward with new resolves. Never run from your past or feel ashamed of who you are – this will only cause more anxiety. Instead, fight harder, there is no way for something that hurt you in the past to hurt you again, unless you let it. Live and learn.

Stressor 3: Work

There is no job in this world that is not at least a little bit stressful. There will always be deadlines, errands, urgent projects, presentations, etc. Stressing over them does not make them any easier to deal with. When you are at work is your time to focus on work, not when you are at home. Separate the two and during your time spent at the office roll up your sleeves and be as productive as possible. When you are home, change your shirt and recharge your battery – forget about on-the-job stressors – they will be there tomorrow.

Stressor 4: Getting Old

It happens to the best of us. Aging is a reality that cannot be changed. By eliminating or managing unnecessary stresses in your life you will ultimately afford yourself the gift of more graceful aging. It will show in your appearance and in your attitude, so focus on getting a grip on the here and now and what is to come will be far more enjoyable.

Stressor 5: Bills

There are far more things in life that are guaranteed than just death and taxes. Bills are one of these things. They are inescapable. Life will be filled with countless journeys, adventures, heartbreaks and so much more. Through it all there is one thing that you can rely on to be relentlessly present – bills. No matter what you do in life you cannot avoid having bills, this much is true. You can, however, avoid being plagued by them. You can manage your bills in a way that negates the need to stress over them. Cutting costs or improvising on some of the nonessential expenses can actually make a huge difference in the impact that your bills have on your life. For instance, cutting on the cable connections and opting for a cost-effective internet live TV streaming option is a great way to help you spend less annually, thus making a big dent in your monthly expenses.

Stressor 6: Death

This is another unavoidable. We will all die at some point – this much is for certain. There is no sense in getting hung up on a reality that you simply cannot change. Instead, accept it and make the best of life while you still can.

Stressor 7: Opinions

You hear people say all the time that they do not care what people think of them, but in all honesty, the ones talking about it are likely the ones who are most plagued with the opinions of others. Fitting in can be worth something in some instances, very few though. I can tell you what is much more valuable: individualism. Embrace who you are and stand out amongst the crowd. Lead the way with your unique style and perspective. Show the world who you really are and stand proud – you are you and you are amazing.

Stressor 8: Others

Did your parents ever say to you, “Do not worry about what other people are doing?” Whether they did or didn’t, this statement holds some merit. Forget about everyone else. They are not paying your bills or putting food in your fridge. Worry less about others and more about you or you will never get ahead in life. That is a fact.

Stressor 9: Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, this is a part of life. A very useful part of life, in fact. Without mistakes there would be no lessons to be learned; therefore, mistakes that you make should be looked at as an opportunity, as opposed to a limitation.

Stressor 10: The Future

The future is only in your control to a certain extent. However, it is important to note that what will be will be. There is no escaping the hands of time or the grip of fate. You can influence your future by making better decisions and living life to the best of your ability. This can be done by doing things such as reducing or limiting your stress. However, you cannot determine your future. For this reason, it is senseless to stress over it. Instead, learn from the past, embrace the present and life will treat you well – you will go far.

If you have any further valuable insight about things that are not worth stressing over, please share. We would love to hear from you!


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