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How to Keep Yourself Sane When Living Alone

According to what Paulo Coelho has written on his book, Manuscript Found in Accra, “If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. And if you do not know yourself, you will begin to fear the void.”

Living alone in another country is one of the least things you could wish for yourself. Life isn’t always about living with pure bliss; it’s also about experiencing the darkest of nights. That’s how you can maintain the equilibrium of your life. Just like the “Yin Yang” of the Chinese Philosophy, that means shady side and sunny side, respectively, in order for us to create a sane and balanced life. We always keep on talking about things like this but the question is, how?

Living alone is not a curse

It will always boil down on how will you view the situation, it’s either you’ll drown yourself with frustrations or you’ll start seeing the brighter side of life. You can cry for a while. You can even shout as loud as you can if you think that it could help you lessen the anxiousness that you’re currently experiencing. If you think that living alone is similar to imprisonment, that’s your choice. Why don’t you try changing the way you perceive things first? There’s nothing wrong in trying, right?

Give yourself a reward

When you’re working abroad and you still have a family to support in your homeland, always remember that it’s not a crime to treat yourself sometimes whenever you’ve received your paycheck. If you want to watch your homegrown movies and television series, why don’t you watch it whenever you have time? If you like having a new hairstyle, why don’t you go to the nearest salon and choose the style that suits you? Don’t spare yourself from all the good things that you deserve to have. You’re the one who worked hard for it, anyway.

Stop stressing about not being good enough

Living alone, without anyone that you can’t talk to personally, usually makes you feel lonely. Stress is something you can’t kick out of your life in just a snap. The best solution to fight it is to win against it. What’s the best way to stay calm even though you think that you’re already close to being devastated? Breathe.  Relax.  Yes, you have a report to be submitted before the day ends but it’s more difficult if you will work without a clearer mindset. A minute of distressing yourself won’t hurt.

Stay connected with your loved ones

No one can beat the power of having conversations with persons close to you. Talk to them about all the things that are bothering you. It doesn’t mean that even though you’re now residing in another place, you’ll also cut ties with them. Reconnect with them again and tell them how much you missed them. Talking with the people you love can help you feel sane. Don’t forget that those social networking sites are just a few clicks away.

Never isolate yourself

Not because you’re not with your friends anymore, you’ll forbid yourself to mingle with others. Keep in mind that it’s not a betrayal if you will make new friends. The bad thing about it is when you started ignoring them just because you’ve met people who you think are way cooler than them. Friendships will always about quality, not quantity. The most important thing is that you learned how to acquaint yourself with others so that you won’t be known as a rude person to your colleagues.

Problems are temporary

Did your employer scold you? Haven’t you passed the monthly report on time yet? Were you close to picking up a fight with your workmates? Again, take the time to breathe, to think, and to analyze everything before doing anything. This might be one of the most used phrases but, please don’t ever give up. You can rest for a while before starting the newest chapter of your life. If you feel unmotivated, think of the people who keep on believing in you whenever you think like you’re becoming a burden to society. You’ll make it. Maybe not now but eventually, you will.

If you’re in another country and you’re living alone, use that chance to be able to experience things such as giving yourself a new reason to be a better person. Every problems and situation exist because theses are needed for you to grow. Go easy on yourself now. Let go of all the loneliness and depression before it eats you alive without even knowing it.

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