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Vitamin A: The Essential Medicine For your Body

Helping in the treatment of deficiency syndromes, Vitamin A has definitely got a lot more uses for your body than you can ever think, making it an important medicine for your body’s immunity level. From keeping the skin healthy to fighting off the bacteria and viruses, it definitely is a great component against all the nasty infectious diseases.

Cancer Prevention

Vitamin A helps to fight off cancerous cells by restraining the production of DNA in them. This helps in slowing down the tumor growth that is established by cancers and also keep away the leukemia cells from multiplying faster. It is certainly helpful in fighting off skin cancer as it works great against dark liver spots that appear on ageing skin caused by various forms of skin cancer.

Virus Protecting Nature

Vitamin A of all the other vitamins greatly helps in protecting the body against a wide range of Viruses. From measles to respiratory viruses, its best against them all. Even the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, retreats in Vitamin A’s presence. However in some cases, vitamin A can also increase the risk of infections, and sometimes encourage HIV to multiply vigorously, which is why intake in a balanced form is recommended for people affected by the HIV virus and will be under strict diets once they are diagnosed.

Recommended for Heart Patients

Heart patients who have got high levels of vitamin A are less likely to get a stroke as well as the chances of it turning fatal if such a stroke occurs are slightly lower. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is an excellent method to increase your vitamin A intake levels.


Acts as a Relief Against Dry Eye Disorder

Getting dry eyes or sore eyes is pretty uncomforting and can be a real pain to deal with. Dry eyes is generally caused by depravity of normal humidity levels. A lot of physicians recommend using vitamin A eye drops, which improves cell functioning, causing moistness to return to the eyes.

Works well against Skin Disorders

A lot of common skin medicines use a high percentage of vitamin A which is effective when treating various skin diseases and disorders such as cystic acne, posarius and effects of sun damage on the skin. This very thing makes vitamin A as an excellent tonic for the preservation of your beauty, as It also helps against baldness as is a told in folklore. As always doctor’s advice must be sought before using any such medications.

Retinoid Type Vitamin A for Eye Sight

Retinoid is the type of vitamin A that comes from animals as opposed to carotene which comes from plants. This specific type is commonly used to combat decrease in eyesight and improve eye cell functions. That said supplementation is not without its own risks as high quantities of vitamin A can actually increase your ability to be viable to catch a great number of diseases.

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