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Here Is What Happens When You Fill A Car’s Gas Tank With Coke

Most of us definitely haven’t thought about what a car would do if we put other liquids in an engine that runs on gasoline. But cars are running on all kinds of stuff these days, right? Like electricity, and so on? That’s what I hear. It’s worth a try to put Coke in the tank, in case gas prices go up and we all get desperate.

Thank goodness that YouTuber TechRax, who regularly destroys technology and other items in strange ways, tried this experiment for us in the name of science and alternative fuels. Who needs Elon Muskand Tesla when you have a person like this around, willing to serve the people and the planet in a 2003 BMW 325i wagon instead of all of these fancy new “electrified” cars?

Let’s all watch how his brave experiment, which appears to have happened on public roads, went:

Darn. That repair bill looks large, too. Who would have thought that putting something other than gas in a gasoline engine wouldn’t go well?

Well, it was worth a try. Now maybe I’ll go see what happens when you put a smartphone into a waffle iron. You never know when you may need to do that!

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