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Cool Dating Tips images

Check out these dating tips images:

TTT #2… 256365
dating tips
Image by paloetic
Tiny Travel Tips #2

Once you have decided your destination, become familiar with the time differences and plan for jet lag accordingly … drink plenty of water en route, adjust your watch to the new time zone when boarding and sleep according to that … if you arrive in the daytime go outside and get plenty of sunshine …

Palo, Palo .. there is something wrong with our ticket …
– What do you mean Tiny .. the ticket’s fine
No .. look here … it says we are going to arrive before we have even left
– Yes it does but the ticket’s fine .. it’s because we cross the international date line .. we gain a day
Gain a day! .. how cool is that …
– but on the way back we’ll lose a day
What! LOSE a DAY .. no way … I’m going to sneak up to that date line and cross it without it even knowing I was there!!!!!!!
– I don’t think international date lines work that way Tiny … ?

256/365 Toy Project
256/365 One Object 365 Project

Castanea dentata
dating tips
Image by CHIMS181514
Leaves are opposite and elipitical with serrate leaf margins and acuminate tips. Easily distinguishable from Fagus grandifolia because F. grandifolia has long pointed leaf buds and Castanea dentata has short pointed buds (as seen in the picture). Leaf veins are straight and terminate at the tip of each of the serrate leaf bristles on the leaf.

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