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My Favorite Braised Red Cabbage

Jump to Recipe This is my favorite recipe for braised red cabbage! It’s tart, salty, and a little sweet, thanks to the addition of sliced apples. Once the onions have browned a bit, you’ll add cabbage, apples, vinegar, salt, and ...

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How to Get Sauce to Stick to Chicken

You’ve made a delicious sauce for your stir fry, but you just can’t seem to get it to stick. While sure, it’ll still taste great, it doesn’t taste as good as the take-out you were trying to avoid spending cash ...

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Here’s Why Some People Salt Their Fruit

With spring here and summer on the horizon, fresh produce is likely to make it on your meals and snacks list as the weather warms. If you want a new way to experience fruit, adding seasoning might be the answer. ...

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How to Cook Pasta in 60 Seconds

It’s pasta night. You’re making spaghetti, and you’ve got your meat and sauce done. Then, you realize you never started your noodles. Well, there’s a hack that can prevent this from happening in the future. You can cook pasta in ...

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How to Make Perfect Jammy Eggs

Making the perfect soft-boiled egg can be quite the task. You want them perfectly cooked on the exterior with a jammy interior. Thankfully, one creator is showing you how to do it. According to Elena Besser, a content creator and ...

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