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6 Tips to Get You Started on Your Summer Body!


Winter is the time to get your butt into gear and work towards that summer body. Needing a little extra push? These 6 motivational tips will get you started.

If you aren’t a fan of a group environment, solo sweat-sessions are just as rewarding. Tune into your iPod, tune out from the world, and tone up with these 6 tips.

1. Go up and down

If you are in a park with the dog or the kids, get a slow jog going on the spot and add in some ‘up’ movements and ‘down’ movements to work the entire body. This will get the heart rate up and challenge more muscle groups. A great example is star jumps for 20 counts then down to squats for 20 counts, then jogging on the spot for ten, and sit-ups for ten…. and repeat!

2. Set your eyes on something

Spring is still a few weeks away, but best set your goal now. If you are not a runner, walk around the block daily starting today! By spring, your goal may be making the lap at a jogging pace. Twice!

3. Get a trainer

If you don’t want to get fit with a friend, get a fitness trainer. Many gyms have them on standby so the cost can be absorbed within your gym membership. So there are two wins right there! Otherwise, source your trainer via a fitness APP.

4. Reward yourself, just not with food

You did a spin class today? Great! Then buy that new nail polish you so covet or get a manicure if the budget extends. Keep your rewards to improving yourself – and your self-esteem – as this works hand in hand with the hard yards you’re doing with your workout.

5. Run on empty

The best time to train is on an empty stomach so your fat cells are all that can be sacrificed as a fuel source making mornings perfect for fitness. Be sure to have a good protein-based feed when you’re done so your mind can be as alert as your body already is! Egg whites, quinoa, spinach, and a little bit of avocado is the meal of choice for celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who is attributed to whipping the Kardashian’s and Sophia Vergara into shape.

6. Get out anyway

The rain may not go away, but that is no excuse not to get outside. Rug up and toughen up! A brisk walk fires off happy hormones and is amazing for your circulation. Your skin will glow thanks to the cold snap, but just be sure to harness these benefits by applying a nurturing face oil once you’re done.

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