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Fact- couples who sweat together are more likely to reach their goals but are they also more likely to last?

According to experts from the University of College London (UCL) who studied the health habits of nearly 4,000 married or cohabiting twosomes, couples are more likely to meet their goals if they do it together. The scientists claim that people are increasingly willing to exercise, shed weight and even give up smoking if they do it with their spouse. Turns out it’s all about team work after all!

And the UCL study isn’t the only one to report that our other halves’ good habits might rub off on us. Research from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, USA, recently revealed that married couples are more likely to not only get active, but also increase their fitness levels, if they do it together. Tuning into their inner competitor, participants were up to 70 per cent more likely to meet physical activity guidelines if their spouse did. ‘When it comes to physical fitness, the best peer pressure to get moving could be coming from the person who sits across from you at the breakfast table,’ says Laura Cobb, co-author of the research. ‘There’s an epidemic of people who don’t get enough exercise and we should harness the power of the couple to ensure people are getting a healthy amount of physical activity.’ It’s pretty convincing stuff, but is pairing up at the gym really a great way to slim down? Or will hitting the weights with your special person end in a fight over dumbbells? Follow these tips to reach your #relationshipgoals!



What’s the secret to a long and successful exercise plan with your man? For starters, don’t argue over who’s stronger than whom! Here are some more expert pointers.


‘I really recommend trying a class together at first – fitness classes are fun, have a great atmosphere and mean you’re still mixing with lots of people. Circuit classes are great and Spinning classes even allow you to set your bikes up next to one other!’ – Carly Newson, carlynewson.com


‘The right workout varies from couple to couple. Some partners thrive off each other’s support – running is great for this – others enjoy the practicality of working out together but like a bit of distance. Yoga is fantastic for the latter because you have space for personal practice but the company of those around you.’ – Max Henderson, Hotpod Yoga


‘Each person needs to find their own path. Creating your own goal means there’s no competition – you can work out together but also have ownership over what you’re working towards. You have to be encouraging no matter what, and appreciate that each person moves at their own pace!’ – Sophie Radcliffe, challengesophie.com


‘Know the strengths and weakness of who you’re training with – this will ensure you create a safe and effective workout, especially if one of you is using heavier weights than normal. Think about the structure of your session. For example, work in and out of different equipment, ensuring rest intervals are adhered to.’ – Luke Taylor, The Gym Group


‘Setting challenges and looking for something new to do can make a relationship exciting and give you an adrenaline high. Look at different activities that you can take part in during the year, such as The Pink Ribbon 20-mile Walk or The Spartan challenge, and train for it together.’ – Jenny Pacey, Pace and Go

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