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Then and Now: Top Health and Fitness Trends


To help you get in the know, here is your ultimate cheat sheet on the top former fitness trends and their 2015 replacements.

Health and fitness trends have evolved over the years forcing us to mix up our daily routines to attempt the latest craze. Some techniques have been a result of new technology, while others bring us back to more traditional times taking cues from our caveman ancestors and seeing the world go crazy for plant-based diets.

Mostly all of us would love to lose a few of those stubborn extra kilos, so it’s no surprise Doctor Joanne Turner and her team at Skin Revision counsel people every day who struggle with their weight. Here they have compiled an ultimate cheat sheet on the top former fitness trends and their 2015 replacements.

Then: Atkins Diet

The greatest fear of any extreme dieter – carbs! The fear, instilled in dieters world-wide by the popular and controversial Atkins Diet saw individuals dangerously limiting their carbohydrate intake to a maximum of 20g per day. There is no doubt that this meant quick results, but it also meant negative health effects. The Atkins Diet also introduced an increased consumption of high saturated fat content which wasn’t good for heart health.

Now: Paleo Diet


Fast forward to 2015 and it seems everyone is going ‘Paleo’. The Paleo Diet or ‘Caveman Diet’ sees the rejection of modern day highly processed, trans-fat filled food and the adoption of a more clean and natural diet, similar to that of our hairy, fire-discovering ancestors. Cutting out food such as dairy, processed food and alcohol is seeing Paleo devotees gain a lean, strong and energetic body as well as improved sleep patterns and clear skin and healthy teeth. Not a bad trade in our books!

Then: Liposuction

For a while there you couldn’t turn on the TV without a Hollywood mention of Lipo. Even Adam Sandler’s character in Click woke up from an extreme liposuction treatment. The fat may have all been sucked out, but he’s left with a giant flap of skin…yuck! Although this is a bit of an extreme case, the invasive treatment may be a quick fix, but at great costs, not to mention agonising pain. Double ouch!

Now: Vanquish


The latest edition in the body contouring industry is the increasingly popular Vanquish – a non invasive and non-painful treatment is taking the world by storm. The revolutionary device sees body transformations in less than four weeks and has already been featured on global television shows such as Dr. Oz and The View. Scientifically and clinically tested, Vanquish is the latest in safe and effective methods to blast away unwanted kilos.

Then: Boot Camp

Who among you hasn’t dragged your tired body out of bed before dark for an intense one hour boot camp session, made only slightly better by the cute trainer? The session often drags on with repetitive military style interval training exercises designed to lose body fat, increase cardio efficiency, increase strength and help people get into a regular exercise routine. That’s if you don’t hit snooze one too many times…

Now: SoulCycle


The latest buzz word in the fitness industry, ‘SoulCycle’ is more than just a full-body indoor cycling class. It’s your community. It’s your happy place. It’s where your goals and intentions aren’t just met, they’re exceeded. Train everything – your mind, body and soul. Soulcycle promises to burn 500 to 700 calories during each vigorous forty-five minute session. Winning!

Australia is slowly starting to bring in their own version of Soul Cycle at various gyms across the country.

Then: Pilates


Pilates, Yoga’s not-so-popular little sister, is a physical fitness system developed less than 100 years ago that has physical and mental benefits. The yoga-like techniques predominately focus on the abdomen, thighs, legs and back. There is also a big emphasis on deep breathing, control, precision and focus.

Now: Lagree Fitness


Pilates is great for core strengthening however that alone would not offer a lean, tone physique. Cue the creation of Lagree Fitness or “Pilates on crack” as it has been referred. This is the latest craze to hit our shores and will be sure to leave you sore with pride the day after a mind blowing 30-50 minute full body session. As founder Sebastian Lagree puts it, “Lagree Fitness is not revolutionary, it is evolutionary”. Could not have put it better myself muscle man!

Then: Detox

Detoxing cleanses the entire body of any unwanted and unhealthy toxins, with an emphasis on cleansing the liver. The occasional detox intends to re-energise the body and regain a hormone balance. People are encouraged to detox twice a year for two to three weeks. There are different recommendations on what type of detox to adopt. A popular one is the Whole Food and Herb Diet.

Now: Tea Tox

The #teatox, which was made insta-famous by fitspo gurus and models, has been widely criticised by health professionals as being unhealthy and unsafe. There’s an array of Tea Tox brands on offer, all promoting an effective full body cleanse. The detox teas have a strong laxative effect and although they encourage a healthy eating plan it’s hard to stomach anything, they commonly cause diarrhoea and dehydration.

Then: Ballet

Many people who take ballet lessons know it’s a great way to keep lean and fit. Former dancers will continue with ballet lessons to keep up fitness and flexibility. Unfortunately without any former training, ballet is hard to enjoy for fitness as an adult.

Now: Xtend Barre


The recent escalation of ballet fitness has been somewhat prompted by Mary Helen Bowers from Ballet Beautiful. The former New York City Ballet ballerina, now celebrity trainer, sculpts the bodies of Victoria’s Secret models, getting them runway ready. Xtend Barre is similar to ballet, but is more accessible to those who don’t have ballet training. Xtend Barre incorporates elements of ballet and pilatesand is designed to improve flexibility, balance, and core strength.

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