I always travel with a jump rope in my car because it is a great form of quick cardio. I used it at the park when my kids were younger and now I always take it with me when traveling.

I have purchased many $5 jump ropes that didn’t last long or were seriously way too long. (or short!)  My last one died a few months back and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it yet so when Crossrope Jump Rope system offered to send me one of theirs, I was excited.

What makes a Crossrope Jump Rope different?

*Their ropes are designed for indoor and outdoor use so you can do your workouts on any surface without worrying about your rope tangling or breaking.

*The ropes have and interchangeable jump rope that lets you switch between a lightweight rope and a heavier weight rope in your workouts.

*If you like to double unders, this is the perfect jump rope.  (how many times have to whipped yourself trying to do them on a cheap rope?)

*The handles are made with unbreakable plastic do they don’t….break!

*- Their weighted ropes are perfect for beginners because they allow you feel the rope turning around your body which makes it much easier to time your jumps and minimize mistakes. If you’ve struggled with co-ordination before, these are great to try.

I was able to use the ropes for just a few days before my shoulder surgery (post about that coming soon!)  and they are definitely high quality. I cannot wait for my arm to be healthy again so I can use them daily.  They are perfect for travel, throw one in your purse or suitcase, and you have instant cardio option.

I forgot to take pictures of me using the rope, so my son offered to be my fitness model this weekend. He decided he will take them over until I am capable of jumping again.

Why do kids love to jump rope? Because it is FUN!  Here are a few tips for the jumperswho haven’t jumped in awhile.

Use code: CROSSROPEMOMMY for $10 off your purchase of a combo set. Click HERE to order now. Hurry as this is only good for one week. This would make a great holiday gift for someone who loves fitness!

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