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Dancing in heels


RaunchUK led the way for 300 women in a daring diva fest that saw a sea of women wearing striking stilettos shimmy and shake their way across Stratford Bridge in aid of women’s charities CoppaFeel! and Us Girls earlier this week.

With the Olympics just around the corner, RaunchUK teamed up with New Look, to get sporty in style in the first of its kind event, ‘Dancing in Heels’.  As most of you were shying the snooze button at 6:30am on Tuesday 3rd July, 300 lucky ladies lined up for a pair of free stilettos, courtesy of New Look, to show Westfield how to bring sexy back as they strutted their way through a sensational stiletto performance choreographed by RaunchUK co-founders Jackie Diss and Zoe McNulty.

With the help of the super sassy X-Factor duo 2 shoes, the ‘Dancing in Heels’ show-stopping routine brought all the girls to town, successfully raising awareness for breast cancer in young women with CoppaFeel! And promoting sport, such as dance, for young women from inner city backgrounds with Us Girls.

The extraordinary event will soon be showcased on screen with video footage going viral on all social media networks as well as New Look’s TV channel. Although capturing only a fraction of the days entertainment, the video, which will be released on Monday 9th July, will also reflect a sense of unity and prove that exercise isn’t just torment on the treadmills – fitness is fun!

With a range of innovative new classes, including the saucy ‘Stiletto Workout’ featured on Gok Wan’s ‘How to look good naked’, RaunchUK are quickly changing the face of fitness for females. By introducing fun and feisty ways to become fit and fabulous, women of all shapes and sizes are releasing their inner diva, gaining confidence and finally becoming the sex goddess they truly are!

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