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The Wimbledon breast bounce results


Find out who was simply the breast at Wimbledon

If you haven’t heard (or have been living under a rock over the weekend) Andy Murray, Scottish native, became the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years defeating Novak Djokovic. AndMarion Bartoli walked away as the women’s singles champion beating out Sabine Lisicki and other top contenders.

But at Women’s Fitness we have the update on the other Wimbledon results: the women’s breast bounce table. The women’s sports bra brand Shock Absorber collected some data on the average breast bounce per minute of our favorite Wimbledon ladies.

Caroline Wozniacki may not have been Wimbledon champion this year but she is champion of breast bounces per minute with 64, that’s 5,984 breast bounces in one match! Maria Sharapovacomes in second with 56 per minute. Serena Williams has only 29 bounces per minute.

These results have been gathered to demonstrate the importance of breast support while playing tennis. Tennis causes an increase on breast movement do to the lateral moves and body rotations during a match, putting strain on Cooper’s ligaments. The only way to counteract problem is a supportive sports bra.

So no matter how many breast bounces you have per minute, don’t forget that a sports bra is a crucial part of your tennis kit!

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