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8 Ways to Be Your Own Best Teacher


No matter how we define a teacher or a guru—an expert, an enlightened person, or someone who challenges us in a way that makes us look at all of our own limiting beliefs—each of these ways of looking at the terms places the teacher or guru outside us. These kinds of teachers and gurus are powerful. But the most powerful source of wisdom is within. How do we activate our own inner teacher, our own inner guru, so that we always have someone to lean on and guide us?

The most powerful source of wisdom is within you. This is what I help every single person I work with realize—that they are infinitely powerful and the only thing getting in the way of that is surface stuff. We clear the surface and it’s like polishing a rough stone into a diamond. Suddenly, you’re crystal clear, knowing exactly where to go and what to do next.

The most important work I do with people is helping them access their own inner guru.

Here are 8 Ways to Hear Your Own Inner Guru

  1. Talk less, listen more. You can hear or see exactly where to go and what to do next if give yourself permission to trust the non-verbal part of your brain. We’re all intuitive, and one of the most scientifically-proven ways to tap into it is to listen to the part of you connected to the non-verbal part of your brain: your body.
  2. De-activate. Fear comes mostly in the form of worry-thoughts. And these come from the verbal part of our brain—this part of our brain processes way less information per second than the non-verbal part of our brain. In other words, worries are based on less information.
  3. Lean into peace. Wisdom and truth feels like relief, like a great letting go. It’s a wonderful sensation of “Ah, this is such a nice place to rest.” Every single time somebody I work with hears from their inner guru they feel a sense of great peace and presence.
  4. Trust yourself. Here’s something neat: you can practice this. You can practice trusting yourself by doing it on small things, something less consequential where the decision won’t have a huge impact, but a small one.Something like saying ‘no’ to an invitation to an event you don’t want to go to. Worry and fear says things like “She’ll be upset if I don’t go,” or “I won’t be invited anymore.” Peace says “Do what’s right for you, trust yourself, and all will be well.” Usually what happens in these cases is that everying works out wonderfully, and you end up getting even more invitations because people are drawn to your confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Trust the Universe. Practice opting out of doing something just because you think something like “What will happen if I don’t?” Yoga philosophy has a term called Ishvara Pranidhana that basically means “Surrender to the universe.” It doesn’t mean we never do anything, but we can surrender our attachment to achieving a particular outcome, and through that surrender and non-attachment receive something even greater.
  6. Build your intuition. Next time you want to hear from your inner guru and you’ve already listened to your body, listen for words or watch for symbols. I like to imagine a blank slate and ask a question like “What should I do next?” Sometimes I see a symbol—I once got a pumpkin. Other times I hear a word—things like “Rest,” “Play,” or “Go bigger.” Other times an entire scene unfolds.
  7. Trust your body. Intuition is fun and can give us more information, but first and foremost the first line of wisdom is your body. Your body is constantly guiding you, through sensations of tension and angst or ease and presence. Hint: ease and presence usually means “Go this way!”
  8. Lean into grace. Listening to the guidance of your inner guru leads to choices that create a life filled with less striving and more receiving. Taoists introduce us to the concept of Wu Wei, doing without doing. Through heart-centered action and trusting the universe, things happen with ease. Miracles occur. It was either Yogi Bhajan or Wayne Dyer, depending on which source you choose, who said: “I don’t believe in miracles, I depend on them.” It doesn’t matter who said it, it’s a universal truth, and one that you get to experience firsthand when you start listening deep and choosing to believe.

Much love, and good luck!


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