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Cat Yoga Brings Cuteness To Vancouver


All together now… Awwwwwmmmmm…

This kitty cat yoga class thing has got some claws! And we have to say, the adorableness does not get old. Vancouver is the latest city to embrace the furry feline-asana with a kitty class to raise awareness and funds for a local shelter.

The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (or VOKRA) teamed up with Catfe (an up-an-coming cat cafe) and Stretch Vancouver yoga studio to host their first “Cats on Your Mats” class this past Sunday.


Yogis chanted “meow” instead “om” and were treated to the cutest of kitty vrittis. The kitties roamed around the room playing, lounging and sniffing people’s feet. In other words, the cats were a delightful distraction. But it was all worth it. The event raised $850 for VOKRA whose primary mission is to secure forever homes for Vancouver’s homeless cats.


“It’s just a great way to bring cat lovers together in a unique way. People love cats and spending time with cats,” said the aptly named Catfé founder Michelle Furbacher.


She added, “Having this calm atmosphere…makes it more comfortable for the cats to come to people as opposed to being chased by people.”

Cat Yoga Class – so you don’t have to chase cats.

Mark your catlendars. The next kitty yoga event is scheduled for January.

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