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The importance of health for our bodies


Health is one important factor to perform daily activities. Therefore we should not underestimate the health of our bodies.

Many people have a variety of health problems due to her good health care is not the complaint of mild to severe complaints such as: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, and so on.

Many things can be done to maintain health are: exercise, eat nutritious foods, eat fruits on a regular basis, adequate rest, drink lots of water.

By eating healthy and nutritious food, the body will not be susceptible to the disease, in which a variety of foods that contain lots of nutrients and these nutrients can help detoxify our body, especially in the liver.

Let us get used to maintain the health of our bodies everyday, so that we have a healthy and strong body.


1 “Expand gestures although small but big boondoggle for the body, because the life of each human blood present era is definitely in a different blanket Only fat is the fat content per each person. With the move makes skin pores open and sweat so the mind and breathing will be relieved “

2 “Drink antibiotic drugs to pregnant women can also cause fetal birth defects exposed, for the pregnant woman needs to keep his health in order not to have to take medication with antibiotics, especially late lately a lot of complaints in ENT.”

3 “Reduce eating foods containing fats and proteins that human age can be longer, rather than have to undergo any kind that support weight loss, chances are it could go down Just do not enjoy even the body tends to strees of necessity.

4 “The cause of sinusitis generally grow because the body starts weak and began to appear so cold allergy appears and generally many underestimate. Though cold that would underestimate clogged in the area around the nose that will cause germs to pertumpukkan birth name was sick sinusitis

5 “Headache appears generally in the causes for the circulation of air circulation to the brain less current, so a lot of mucus in the airways that is attached to the brain so that the reel began to appear, in addition to the excess metal or iron substances bias also cause dizziness head”

6 “Excess Vitamin is not a problem, with emphasis on drinking mineral water soluble vitamins will be in it so do not be afraid to excess vitamin”

7 “Whatever excessive certainly not good, better eating appropriately and taking into account the conditions of age, physical form so we are not too over in every way, in order to maintain the health of this hotel.Thank love”


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