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The baby tic when sleep is calcium deficiency?

The baby tic in sleep may be frightened, and the frightened baby will appear suddenly woke up when in bed sleeping, and crying, or calcium deficiency can also lead to this issue. When the baby is sleeping, it is best to have adults in the side with a sense of security to the baby.


1, calcium deficiency

Fetal growth is very fast, so the rapid growth requires a lot of calcium, some parents will say that I have had added a lot of calcium, how it could be calcium deficiency. You should also consider whether a patch or Cod Liver Oil vitamin AD capsule? Because the absorption of calcium needs vitamin AD, so in taking calcium at the same time to make up some suitable vitamin AD.

2, it may a manifestation of neonatal brain function disorder. When a baby suddenly hears a sound, the muscles of the body tremble, and when the baby turns from sleep to wakefulness, it suddenly strikes.

3, metabolism is not normal, such as hypocalcemia, because of calcium and phosphorus in proportion is not appropriate, it will affect the absorption of calcium for milk fed newborn, serum calcium decreased. In addition to low blood sodium, galactosemia, vitamin B6 deficiency, hypoglycemia, phenylketonuria, and addiction, some drug poisoning, can cause neonatal cramping.

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