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Natural News launches TOR browser (.onion) website to bring natural health and nutrition knowledge to the dark web

We have successfully launched our TOR browser website, also known as a .onion website, accessible only through the TOR browser which protects users from surveillance and censorship attempts by rogue governments.

The TOR browser, available at TORproject.org, allows citizens around the world to bypass government censorship and visit websites that governments are trying to block. Whistleblowers and political dissidents around the world — living under dictatorial regimes like China’s Emperor XI, or America’s stolen election Biden regime — use the TOR browser to access news sites like the BBC, which recently launched its own “dark web” mirror site.

The New York Times has also launched its own TOR Onion mirror, and DuckDuckGo has a Tor-accessible search service that allows oppressed people to conduct online searches with improved privacy.

The TOR browser address for Natural News is:


This URL can be entered into any TOR browser to read Natural News articles. Currently, only a few articles are visible there, but the full archive of hundreds of thousands of articles will be mirrored there in time.

TOR “domain names” cannot be seized or blocked because there is no central domain authority

TOR web addresses (URLs) consist largely of randomized characters. They do not have traditional domain names, which means there is no central domain authority that can seize the domain names and censor the sites on the dark web.

Many early .onion websites used shorter URLs which are going to be obsolete later this year. The new standard is 56-character URLs which are far more resistant to hacking attempts by governments and corporations.

Once you install and start using the TOR browser (preferably with a VPN installed on your local computer), you can explore the TOR universe of websites, none of which are accessible through regular browsers like FireFox or Chrome. Be careful surfing the dark web, as there are some sites that promote illegal activities. But that’s also true on the regular internet, of course. In fact, the tech giants themselves are engaged in widespread illegal activities surrounding censorship and election rigging.

A practical overview of how to install and use TOR is found at this Wondershare.com article.

The TORCH search engine indexes TOR websites: (you must use a TOR browser to click the link below)


Another similar search service is called Haystak:


You can also use the TOR browser to access email service websites such as ProtonMail (https://protonirockerxow.onion/), MailPile and others.

A company called Kowloon Hosting offers hosting services for TOR websites:


Just like the regular internet, the so-called “dark web” also hosts websites that engage in illegal activity such as selling illicit drugs, for example. We do not condone such illegal activities, of course. We advocate use of the dark web for its ability to bypass censorship and experience freedom to learn, freedom to think and freedom of expression.

As it turns out, the dark web may be the last remaining place where people are free to think for themselves, since the treasonous, criminal tech giants have banished all free speech under “hate speech” provisions.

With the Biden regime — a brutal military dictatorship that erects razor wire around the capitol building — likely to start seizing domain names of its political opponents, the only remaining place to learn the truth or publish the truth may be the dark web itself.

The TOR browser can also be used to visit regular websites with improved privacy and censorship avoidance. Learn more about the TOR browser at TorProject.org

The Centre for Investigative Journalism in London has posted a video offering an overview of the TOR browser and why journalists (and news consumers) need to know about TOR and the dark web:



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