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Jacinda Ardern’s regime continues the TYRANNY without her, now waging war on natural health products in New Zealand

While everyone was busy getting ready for the Christmas holiday, the Jacinda Ardern regime in New Zealand introduced the Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB) for its first reading. In it are provisions that would reclassify many healing foods and herbs as “drugs,” rendering them inaccessible to the general public without a doctor’s prescription.

In alignment with Codex Alimentarius, New Zealand’s proposed TPB would restrict access to any food or herb with healing potential, i.e., lemons contain vitamin C which treats and prevents scurvy, so these could become illegal.

“If a plant is used to make a medicine or the molecular structure of any of its compounds is mimicked by a medicine, then the use of the actual plant should be restricted,” reports The Exposé about how the TPB is a dream come true for Big Pharma.

“Natural products in this list included cinnamon, eggplant, almond, mustard, tea – yes, you did read that correctly – coconut, and many, many others.”

It turns out that this is the third time the TPB has been introduced, having first been concocted in 2016. It failed to pass again and again, but with the Ardern regime in power, anything is now possible.

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Speak up, New Zealand, or forever lose your dietary supplements and healing foods

Many New Zealanders have no idea that the TPB is being pushed, nor are they aware of what it would do to their natural remedies. At least half of the country uses natural products for healing, so millions would be directly affected by the bill’s provisions.

If it passes, the TPB would result in the appointment of a regulator whose job it would be to decide which foods and herbs can still be sold the normal way, and which ones would require a prescription from a physician.

“The idea that one person can decide for all of us what plants that grow in the earth, can be sold, eaten, or used puts New Zealand in a unique class among tin pot kingdoms,” says The Exposé.

“We can imagine as we gather around the family breakfast table a swarm of well-paid government experts with pens and questionnaires hovering close by for a final check.”

Imports into New Zealand would also be covered by any such restrictions on healing foods and herbs. Without a permit, the restricted ones would be banned, preventing New Zealanders from accessing them.

The claim is that restricting foods and herbs is necessary to keep people “safe.” If people are allowed to continue freely buying nature’s bounty on the open market, some people could get sick and die, we are told.

The truth is that nature’s bounty is orders of magnitude safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs, the latter of which are becoming increasingly unpopular with the average person. So, in order to keep Big Pharma profits flowing, corrupt bureaucrats are once again trying to ban nature under the guise of “public safety.”

“This Bill represents an attempt to impose a modern medical / pharmaceutical straight jacket on the process of medical choice,” The Exposé reports. “A straight jacket that will no doubt be administered by people who are unfamiliar with and even opposed to natural medicine.”

“The apparent intention is to drive people towards pharmaceutical-based medicine. It is worth noting that modern medical misadventure and misprescription are the third leading cause of death – hardly a direction that deserves a monopoly.”

The globalist assault on health freedom is a war against humanity. To keep up with the latest, visit MedicalViolence.com.

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